Alis 1996 is a project founded by Alice Pelati in September 2019. Who is Alice Pelati ? She is a 23 years old fashion entrepreneur. Born in Italy and currently living in London. Rise in a family of italian artisans, Alice was fascinated by the world of fashion, while observing her mom managing the family atelier. Already at a young age, she started making clothes and collecting fashion magazines. She studied and graduate in fashion design at the European Institute of Design (IED), in 2018. After winning the graduation prize for her thesis project “FLYLIGHT”, in collaboration with Schmid Milano, she moved in London. Her aim was to start a new life indipendently and to get new influences for her creativity. She started to work as a commercial and visual merchandiser for a big company, learning the most important merchandising rules to manage a clothing brand. Since September 2019 she started to collaborate with some UK based photographers for some editorials and she decide to open her website to show her portfolio. She received publications on different magazines, like Flanelle magazine, Kaltbult magazine, IMute magazine and more.  



 Alis 1996 born with the aim of building a community of emerging fashion designers. Helping new talent to emerge and to build their aesthetic and audience, Alis 1996 wants to be an ecommerce dedicated to different types of customers. Our idea is to promote unique and different products, dedicated to a costumers that like to emerge form the crowd and be recognized. We started in April 2020 with one brand, and today we are looking to expand our vision. In a couple of years we aim to be well known in the industry and sell our brands worldwide.






” My biggest dream is to help young creatives showcase their talent to the public audience. “ Alice Pelati